Pradyuman Park in Rajkot

Rajkot is blessed with lots of natural beauty and environment friendly places. Due to this effect, tourism is contributed by plethora of tourism sites. In that one of the popular spot of attraction in Rajkot is Pradyuman Prani Sangrahalaya. Officially it is known as Rajkot Prani Sangrahay in the city. It is truly magnificent place to visit while coming for tourism in Rajkot. It displays wide range of animals and birds which are rare to see at one place. Rajkot Municipal Corporation is responsible authority to maintain and retain the beauty of this park.

Pradyuman Zoological Park in the region of Rajkot

Rajkot Prani Sangrahalaya is one of the finest places of tourism spread over the area of 137 acres. It is situated in the mid of natural habitat along with touching surface of Lake Lalpari and Randarda Lake. In the short span of time, it has become the leading picnic spot for the residents of Rajkot. Travelers from other cities also take enjoyable tour to this wonderful location for natural sightseeing and animal watching. The arena of Rajkot zoo is such large that it can easily tackle the flow of thousand people at a time. However, during the festive season or vacations, footfalls in this place increases up to 15000 visitors per day.

Attractions at Pradyuman Zoological Park in Rajkot

Major Attractions of Pradyuman Zoological Park in Rajkot

Pradyuman Zoological Park houses many rare species of animal, birds and plants. It is good to see all these creatures at the same place. There are more than thirty five thousand trees in the park along with large collection of wild animals. In the wide variety of animals, lions from Gir forest are the main attractions in the park. Visitors surrounding the large well of lions love to watch them from few meters. These cats display the various acts and play with the onlookers.

Leopard and tigers are also prime attractions of this park. People love to cheer animals which are showcased at this Rajkot Prani Sangrahalaya. Besides, crocodiles, sambhar, chinkara, blackbucks, four horned antelope, and other similar animals are focused attraction of Pradyuman Park.

Facilities at Rajkot Prani Sangrahalaya

Facilities and amenities at Rajkot Prani Sangrahalay

For visitors, management has introduced several facilities and amenities. This may create goodwill among the travelers and they come here again and again. They have facilitated lavatories, drinking water, and sheds to help tourists in exploring this site effortlessly. Proper sitting arrangements are done on regular interval on pathways. Sign boards and direction map is planted at every important juncture to guide people to take right track. Eateries and small joints have been established in the park to serve packed food and cold drinks. For senior citizens, the authorities have launched battery vehicle to tour aged and disabled person easily. Travelers can easily enjoy the trip to Pradyuman Park in Rajkot.

Timings of Pradyuman Park

Attractions at Pradyuman Zoological Park in Rajkot

Pradyuman Park timings are quite liberal and people can arrive at any point of time during day. Its premises open with the strike of 9 AM and closes with 7 PM on clock. It remains open on weekends and public holidays. Kids and their parents can enjoy their holiday outing here. However, Friday is kept as weekly off for zoo staff to re-vitalize and re-arrange themselves for next week.
Timings: 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM
Weekly Closing Day: Friday

Entry Fees of Pradyuman Park

Entry fees of Rajkot Prani Sangrahalaya are kept very little to make it affordable for every person. For local visitors and Indians, it is quite low. Foreigner travelers have to pay little more than Indians to enter this zoological park in Rajkot. However, video shooting and photography charges are high and visitors have to take permission before executing the plans.
  • Children: Rs. 5.00
  • Adult Person: Rs. 10.00
  • Foreigner: Rs. 50.00
  • Photography: Rs. 100.00
  • Videography: Rs. 2000.00

Animal to watch at Rajkot Prani Sangrahalay

How to reach Pradyuman Park in Rajkot

Pradyuman Zoological Park is situated on the eastern side of city near Lal Pari Lake. People can reach by taking route to Green land circle and from there they should move to RMC Transport Nagar on National Highway 8 B. From here, Pradyuman Zoological Park is 1 km away. Visitors arriving by public transport can take auto rickshaw for comfortable journey to this garden.

Rajkot Prani Sangrahalaya - Pradyuman Park
Behind Rajkot Marketing Yard, NH 8 B,

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