Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

Rajkot is a colorful place which possesses wide range of tourist attractions. It is filled with many tourist spots that give good one day outing to locals as well as travelers. Fun World Amusement Park is the leading name in entertainment and fun in Rajkot. It is situated near Race Course Road which is a prime location of the city. People in Rajkot prominently come to this spot to have lots of fun and enjoyment. It is popular as family tourist destination and witness huge flow of visitors.

Famous Tourist Attraction Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

Since its commencement in 1990, it has incorporated many new rides and activities to increase the amenities of park. Spread over the area of 5 acres, it is the leading amusement parks of Rajkot. It receives nearly 1.2 million visitors annually which is an amazing factor of this park. As such, it offers lots of fun and frolic especially to kids along with their parents to unwind and rejuvenate themselves in the mesmerizing ambiance of Fun World Amusement Park. Visitors can opt for selective rides and activities according to their choice.

Rides at Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

Rides at Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

Currently they have incepted 18 different rides and activities in the amusement park which are enjoyed by the visitors. These rides offer thrill and breathtaking moments to the kids and adults taking enjoyment from these activities. These rides are not only pleasant for normal person, but the management has facilitated this park as such that even blinds, dumb, deaf and mentally retarded person can enjoy these activities in the Fun World Amusement Park.
  • Scooter Ride
  • Spin Tora
  • Hara Kiri
  • Sky Train
  • Theme Show
  • Tora Tora
  • Wonder Tunnel
  • Horse Ride
  • Orient Express
  • Cricket Club
  • Kids Ride
  • Water Mery Go Round
  • Cater Pillar
  • Bull Ride

Famous Bull Ride at Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

Events and Activities at Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

Management of this park organizes various events and functions around the year to attract kids and toddlers of the city. They arrange these programmes during vacations and holidays so that maximum number of children can participate in them. Here are some of the prime events organized in the Fun World Amusement Park.

  • Maharatri Utsav
  • Summer Camp
  • Dance competition
  • One Minute Game Show
  • Navratri Celebration
  • Republic Day Celebration
  • News Reading Competition

Food Zone at Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

Food Joints at Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

Neither of the attractions in Gujarat is complete without the food zone. In Fun world, there are many eateries and fast food restaurants established to cater all delicious food and cuisines of Rajkot. They have been established at separate space to give complete comfort and luxury of enjoying these sumptuous dishes. Here visitors can find cold drinks stall, ice cream stalls, fast food stalls, burger stalls, pav bhaji stalls, pizza counters, chat corners, corn & pop corn corners, coffee shop, Chinese corner, sugar candy stalls and other such wonderful eateries to have fun of delicious food.

Do's and Don'ts of Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

While coming for amusement park, one should maintain some of precautions and measures. Here are the detail of do's and don'ts of this amusement park:
  • Smoking is not allowed in amusement park
  • Children should enjoy rides under the guidance of guardian
  • Waste should be put in dustbin
  • Avoid any mess in the crowd

Enjoyable acitivities at Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

Facilities at Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

Fun World Amusement Park has been incepted with flurry of activities along with comfort of facilities. The management has developed big pathways and regular halt for visitors to take comfortable tour of entire Park. Wonderfully placed Rest Areas are very useful for taking breath and regain momentum. Toilets, drinking water, and emergency services are employed with in the park to meet every essential requirement of tourists.

Water Park Facilites at Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

How to reach Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

Thrilling Ropeway rides in Fun World Amusement Park

Fun world Amusement park is situated in the heart of city. It is easy to locate on SH 23, adjacent to Madhavrao Schindia Cricket Stadium. It is effortless journey to reach Fun World from all the corners of city. The park is two and a half kilometer away from Railway Station and GSRTC Central Bus Station. CNG city bus and local auto rickshaws are available in city to reach at this spot within 10 minutes from these junctures.

Best Time to visit Fun World Amusement Park

Vacation period and weekends are the best time to visit Fun World Amusement park in Rajkot. They provide best of fun and activities rides during special events and functions. Occasion of New Year, Navratri, Children’s Day, Independence Day and other such dates are best for visiting Fun World Amusement Park.

Fun Rides at Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

Timings of Fun World are kept quite comfortable considering the suitability of locals. It starts from afternoon till late evening to explore entire area easily.
Timings: 3.00 PM - 11.00 PM (Evening)
Discount Rate Timings: 3.00PM - 5.00 PM

Entry Fee of Fun World Amusement Park in Rajkot

Entry fee for park is quite nominal. It is suitable for every visitor coming to Rajkot. However, the cost of rides and games facilitated in park are levied extra. Here are the details of entry fee and rates of rides.

Entry Fee:

Adult: Rs 10/-
Children: Rs 5/-
Rides Charges:

Rides A:

Child- Rs 10/- (Ice Cream Train, Mini Tele Combart, flying Scooter, Jumping Joker, Coins Operated rides)
Adult- Rs. 12/- (Caterpillar, Oriental Express rides)

Rides B:

Ropeway, Dragon Coaster, Pirate Boat, Saya Tropper, Tora-Tora, Striking Car, Sky Train, Magic Tunnel, Ulta Pulta, Cricket Unlimited, Horse Ride, Fun House
Adult- Rs. 15/-
Child- Rs. 10/-

Rides C:

Spin Tora, Theme Show, Bull Ride, 4 D Theatre
Adult- Rs. 18/-
Child- Rs. 12/-

Here special packages are offered for group visits by school and colleges.

Address of Fun World Amusement Park

Funworld and Tourism Development Ltd
Funworld, Opp. Bahumali Building,
Race Course Ground
Rajkot, Gujarat
Pin Code - 360 002
Contact Details:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +91 - 281 - 2444944
Fax No: + 91 - 281 - 2454944
Mobile Number: + 91 99989 90926, 96625 12859
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