Jubilee Garden in Rajkot

In a city bustling with huge industries and busy lifestyle, Jubilee Garden is the perfect getaway due to its pleasant ambiance and plush greenery. The beautiful pathways fringed with trees and well manicured gardens with swings are a mesmerizing sight balancing with this fastest developing city of Gujarat. These soothing environs are well complemented by the hordes of activities offered to the visitors of this garden.

Poplar Attraction Jubilee Garden in Rajkot

Situated aptly in the heart of city, Jubilee Garden is the epicenter of tourist activities of this area. Its large amusement park attracts toddlers and elders alike while its scenic beauty is invigorating to spend some quality time. For people of all ages, Jubilee Garden in Rajkot has something to offer. In fact, it is one of the most popular and preferred tourist destinations in the city. It houses the famous Watson Museum, Lang Library, and Connaught Hall with many other interesting places located in its proximity. As such, Jubilee Garden serves as the center of tourism in this city.

Brief History of Jubilee Garden in Rajkot

Jubilee Garden is an important part of the rich history of Rajkot. Interestingly, the garden was laid down after establishment of Watson Museum in 1888. It was developed as a garden during the colonial times itself and with passage of time, various activities were added to this wonderful place making it an admirable picnic spot of Rajkot.

Things to do in Jubilee Garden Rajkot


While maintaining the ecological balance of the city, Jubilee Garden is also a favorite spot for some of the rarest migratory birds. The phenomenon becomes quite exhilarating in the winters when the beauty of this garden is accentuated manifold with blossoming flowers all around. People love to spend their time in this garden by simply strolling, sitting with friends, chatting, or eating out.

Attractions at Jubilee Garden in Rajkot

Eating out:

Jubilee Garden has many food stalls to serve the visitors with local delicacies. The local recipe of Chevdo, chutney made of rice flakes, crushed pea nuts, and sprinkling of spices is quite mouthwatering. It adds tickly taste to the snacks and food. Also, the Chickee made from nuts is very famous in Jubilee Garden. There are some stalls offering Indian snacks and other eatables.

Amusement Park:

The amusement park in Jubilee Garden is a perfect hangout for people of all ages. There are many rides meant for different age groups. So, all the members of family can spend enjoyable time in this park.

Watson Museum:

This huge museum was named after the renowned Political agent of Saurashtra, Colonel John Watson. It was founded way back in 1888 during colonial rule in this region. It houses some of the rare artifacts that include relics of Mohenjodaro, carvings of 13th century, ancient jewelries, tribal costumes, silver ware, ancient coins, statues, pottery, and a marble statue of Queen Victoria.

Lang Library:

This library is a must visit for the lovers of literature as it has finest collection of books and inscriptions. There are old books bound with leather and handmade paper engraved with gold. Lang library has huge collection of Gujarati and Kathiyawadi literature along with other material related to British times.

Connaught Hall:

This beautiful hall was built in the year 1887 when the Duke of Connaught visited Kathiawar. It was named Connaught Hall to commemorate his visit and later on, this name was changed to Senate Hall. Currently, this place is called Arvindbhai Maniar Town Hall. It has alluring European style of architecture to impress the visitors with its beauty.

Lions Statue at Jubilee Garden in Rajkot

How to reach Jubilee Garden in Rajkot

Jubilee Garden is located in the mid of city at Jawahar Nagar. This area is quite easily approachable from all parts of the city. It has proximal distance from railway station as well. There are auto rickshaws and city buses that are available at frequent intervals to reach here. This garden remains open from morning to evening and has no entry fees for visiting.

Address of Jubilee Garden in Rajkot

Jubilee Garden
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