Regional Community Science Center in Rajkot

Rajkot is facilitated with numbers of utility and valuable centers located within the city. In that one of the major inclusions is Regional Community Science Center. People in India are lot superstitious and they believe very much in super natural powers in rural as well as urban areas. To challenge the superstitious values and spiritual power, Regional Science center was established in 1979. It was the small initiation of government that took a huge shape in recent times.
Regional Community Science Center in Rajkot
In India, students mostly find science as hardest subject to deal with. Hence to make science easy to understand and effortless to gain knowledge, it has been elaborated in the simple manner in this science center of Rajkot.

It is said that children are future of our country. Hence they set up this institution to seed an interest in students to take science as career. Here people can get detailed information about various facts that occur in our surrounding having scientific reason behind it.

History of Regional Community Science Center in Rajkot

The beginning of Regional community center is done with small initiation called ‘Prayog’ in the year 1979. In the surrounding of Rajkot there are many Tantrics and Sadhus who used to fool people by showing simple magic and tricks. Hence, to make people aware and draw them out of superstitions, this regional community science center has been established in Rajkot. In 1982, it was inaugurated at Bal Bhavan in Rajkot in a small premises. Thereafter it has been shifted to new venue at Race Course road.

Features of Regional Community Science Center in Rajkot

Features of Regional Community Science Center in RajkotRegional Community Science center is placed in the beautiful location of Race Course Road. Aryabhatt Science Museum is the main attraction of this science center.

It displays more than hundred model and experiments of science within the premises. Dedicated laboratories for Electronics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Mathematics have been established to confine the knowledge of this field.

More than five thousand books and periodicals are displayed beautifully in the well established Late Shri Narottam Shah Library.

Apart from these, there is full- fledged 500 -seat auditorium, Sky watching tower and exhibition gallery, etc. are the key features of this Regional Community Science Center.

Events at Regional Community Science Center in Rajkot

  • All Gujarat Amateur Astronomers meet
  • Creative Science Vacation Workshop
  • Kalpana 1/ Met Sat – 1
  • District Level Science Drama Competition
  • Messier Marathon
Science enthusiasts at Regional Community Science Center in Rajkot

Future Plans of Regional Community Science Center

  • Eco Garden
  • Children Science Park
  • Modernization of Aryabhatt Science Museum
  • Earthquake Science Awarness
  • Program of Health Hygiene
  • Space Science
  • Environment Education
  • Popularization of Science
  • Science Education Guidance Cell
  • Science & Technology for Rural region

How to reach Regional Community Center in Rajkot

Regional Community Science Center is positioned in the heart of city. It has trouble- free ride to Race Course Road which is located in the town. Local transports are easily available in the city to arrive at Regional Community Science Center.

Shri O. V. Sheth Community Science Centre,
Race Course,
Nehru Udhyan, Rajkot
Pin Code - 360001
Phone No : 0281 - 2449940/ 2432087
Email : [email protected]
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