Temples in Rajkot

Rajkot is one of the prime destinations for religious tourism, especially for Hinduism. Due to its magnificent history and social belief of people in Rajkot, it has been blessed with some of the most wonderful religious places of India. It receives huge numbers of devotees throughout the year who turn here to enjoy wonderful and mesmerizing structures of iconic temples and their spirituality in Rajkot.

Famous Temples in the city of Rajkot

These sacred places of Rajkot are scattered all over the city and tourist need well discussed plan to tour all these shrines in the city. Here is the detail of some of the renowned temples located in the region of Rajkot.

BAPS Swaminarayan Temple in Rajkot

Swami Narayan temple is one of the centers of attractions in Rajkot. The BAPS Swaminayaran temple is beautifully created and structured religious places in Rajkot. The architecture and grandeur of temple mesmerizes the onlookers. It’s beautiful crafting and magnificent lighting in night literally stuns the visitors. The temple houses the idol of Shri Swaminarayan deity in the wonderful decorated elevated platform. The temple is surrounded by beautiful garden and decorations which give a majestic look to entire temple complex.

Popular BAPS Swaminarayan Temple in the City Rajkot

Swaminarayan Temple BAPS is easy to locate and approach due to its centralized location. It is situated on Kalawad Road which is effortless to arrive from any part of the city. Buses and Auto are available with comfort to reach here to watch the aura of temple.

Swaminarayan Temple
Kalawad Road, Rajkot
Pin Code - 360007
Phone No: 0281- 2451000

Swaminarayan Temple in Rajkot

This is another splendid temple of Lord Swaminarayan in the city of Rajkot. This is the amazing piece of architecture build in the center of city. This temple is famous for its spirituality and divine beauty of shrine. People from city itself and travelers do arrive in the temple to watch awesome architecture of building this structure.

Swaminarayan temple at Bhupender Raod in Rajkot

The temple is beautifully decorated and decked during Swaminarayan Jayanti Mahotsav. The aura of complete shrine is truly enhancing the auspicious spirituality of temple. It is also the best time to visit this temple. It is quite easy to locate and approach this Swaminarayan temple at Bhupendra road.

Swaminarayan Temple
Bhupendra Road, Kothariya Naka,
Phone No: 0281- 2232494/ 2224037

Ashapura Temple in Rajkot

Ashapura Temple is considered among the greatest religious places to visit in Rajkot. Ashapura mata is believed to be incarnation of goddess Annapurna and worshiped by many local communities. Hence Ashapura temple located on main jewelry market is also famous place to visit in the city of Rajkot.


Ashapura Temple
Palace Road, Main Jewelry Market

Ashapura Dham, Jasdan in Rajkot

As the prime deity of this region, Ashapura Mata has many of her temples in various locations of Rajkot. Jasdan is sacred dham situated in vicinity of the city and blessed with renowned temple of Ashapura Mata. It is believed to be holy and imperative due to significant story of past. People come from long distances to offer their obeisance here.

Shree Ashapura Dham
Jasdan, Rajkot

Gayatri Mandir in Rajkot

Gayatri Mata temple is situated on the heart of city with divine atmosphere and spiritual ambiance. It is huge temple made of stone which houses replica temples of all twelve jyotirlingas. It is one of the pleasant and wonderful places of religious tourism in Rajkot. The structure of temple is encompassed by green vegetation and beautiful decorative arts.

Well Known Gayatry Temple in Rajkot

Kalawad Road,

Balaji Temple in Rajkot

Balaji Temple is also renowned sacred places to see in the arena of Rajkot. It is popular temple situated on the Bhupendra Road, near Swaminarayan temple. It is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the important deity of Hinduism.

Bhupendra Road, Rajkot
Pin code: 360001
Phone No: 0281- 2232345

Panchnath Mandir in Rajkot

Panchnath Mandir is the prime location of Rajkot. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is created with extraordinary architecture and beautiful amenities. The entire temple is constructed in marble stone reflecting marvelous white color tone of whole structure. It is easy to trace for travelers. It is found in the central part that is Limda Chowk in the city of Rajkot. Bus station and railway station are quite nearer to this shrine.

Panch Nath Temple in Rajkot

Limda Chowk

Mahakaleshwar Temple in Rajkot

Shree Mahakaleshwar Mahadev temple is among the prominent temples to visit in Rajkot. It is devoted to Lord Shiva, a divine deity of Hinduism. The temple structure is created and decorated with artificial Himalayan valleys along with wonderful decoration completed by flowers and colourful lights. The entire temple is placed in pious environment of holy spiritual location of Malviya Chowk. Travelers must take tour of this famous shrine in Rajkot while coming for vacation in city.

Shri Mahakaleshwar Mahadev Mandir in Rajkot

Malaviya Chowk

Sankirtan Temple in Rajkot

Sankirtan Temple, a famous place dedicated to Lord Rama is located in the city of Rajkot. It is truly holy place for Hindu community which is prominently visited by them. Akhand Ram dhun is played uninterrupted at this Sankirtan temple. It is one of the magnetic verses dedicated to Lord Rama. The temple is splendidly crafted in spirituality to attract many devotees to this place.

Famous Sankirtan Temple of Rajkot

Prembhikshuji Sankirtan Mandir
Hinglaj Nagar, Kalawad Road,
Near KKV Hall, Rajkot
Pin Code: 360007
Phone No: 2571721

Iskcon Mandir in Rajkot

Iskcon Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is set up on Kalawad Road in the city of Rajkot. The temple is beautifully crafted and it highly contributes to the spirituality of people in Rajkot. The aura of temple is simply outstanding during the festive season, particularly on Janmastami.

Iskcon Temple
Kalawad Road, Near Cosmoplex cinema,

Ishwarya Mahadev Temple in Rajkot

Ishwarya Mahadev Temple is said to be self existed temple of Lord Shiva. It is located in the vicinity of town and visited by large numbers of devotees. It is built in old style which has tremendous spiritual values for people. It is easy to arrive in Madhapar village from main city where this temple is situated.

Village Madhapar, Jamnagar Highway

Ramcharitmanas Mandir in Rajkot

Ramcharitmanas Mandir is one of the fine places of spiritual tourism in the city of Rajkot. It is placed at proximal distance from city. The temple is situated in the landscaped area in amidst of nature.  This huge temple is built with the inspiration of Ranchoddas Bapu. The proverbs of Ramcharitmanas, a replica inscription of Ramayan are engraved in the interiors of temple. This is the significant feature of this temple which draws lots of tourists.

Well Known Shri Ram Charitmanas Temple in Rajkot

Ratanpar, Morvi Highway

Prem Mandir in Rajkot

Prem Mandir is unique temple that is visited by all religion in Rajkot. Previously it was called as Bishop House. This temple or Prem Mandir is one of the leading attractions of Rajkot

Kalawad Road,

These are some of the most revered religious temples in the city of Rajkot visited by hordes of tourists and devotees all through the year.
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