Welfare Societies in Rajkot

Welfare societies have important role to play to uplift the morale and life of unprivileged people. In Rajkot, there are many people living below poverty line and sadism still exists in the interior parts of city. Developing life style of these deprived people at better pace is the most significant job done by societies in Rajkot. There are numbers of societies that provide their excellent services to offer support and sustainability.

Societal devdelopment in Rajkot

Women Welfare Society in Rajkot

At every stage, women have to face numbers of problems, whether it is at home or in office. To tackle situations occurring to women, whether poor or privileged, the women welfare societies in Rajkot offer complete moral support and assistance in getting justice. These societies functions at core level where the problem exists.

Societal development of women in Rajkot

They approach victim through their well spread out volunteer network and finds remedy for the issue. They emphasize on women literacy, job program, and complete freedom in Rajkot.

Child Welfare Society in Rajkot

Children from unprivileged region are mostly prone to illegal and unauthentic system in Rajkot. They hail from poor family or separated from their family. Usually they are forced to beg or to do illegal work. Government and social people of Rajkot are quite concerned about the status of such poor children. Hence, many initiatives have been taken by government as well as local socialists. They have formed children welfare society in the region of Rajkot to initiate proper support to this section of society.

Welfare of children in Rajkot

These children welfare societies save kids from harassment, abusing, laboring, and begging. They are rescued from these illegal works and unethical groups. They are provided with proper health treatment, education, food, and livelihood. They have been given with all facilities to stand in the competitive world. Even they are offered with legal help, if required, from these child welfare societies of Rajkot.

Handicapped Welfare Society in Rajkot

Handicapped societies in Rajkot are established to endeavor aid and facilities to disabled people in city. They are deprived people who have right to get equal treatment in society. Hence, to uplift the life of such unprivileged handicapped people, there are lots of blind welfare and handicapped societies in Rajkot.

Welfare of handicapped in Rajkot

They distribute wheel chair, walking stick, virtual limbs, and other such supportive equipment to provide support and help. These societies work at all levels to identify the real beneficiaries and endow them utilities to uplift their life.

Old Age Welfare Society in Rajkot

Old Age welfare societies provides abode to senior citizens of Rajkot. Some of the unfortunate old persons who have no one to look after them and their health, these societies in Rajkot are very supportive for these people. Old age homes have been established in Rajkot to serve these people with proper treatment and livelihood.

Environmental Welfare Society in Rajkot

Environmental Welfare is the biggest concern of existing world. Rajkot is a growing industrial city with high amount of industrial waste. Hence, some social environmentalists have opened environmental welfare society to spread awareness and literate people about the eco balancing.

Welfare of Environment in Rajkot

Different camps and programs are organized to build up interest of small kids and grownups to save world. Also, these societies work closely in industrial areas with support of local industries to maintain ecology of this region.

Animal Welfare Society in Rajkot

Animal Welfare Society is another best way to make the world happy place for all living creatures. In Rajkot, there are many animal welfare societies which support domestic pets, birds and other animals. They emphasize on development of animal livelihood and make this city, a better place to live for them.

Welfare of animals in Rajkot

Charitable Society in Rajkot

Charitable Societies are established to provide helping hand to under privileged and unfortunate people in community. It might be medical assistance, educational assistance, or any other help. In Rajkot, these societies take donation from affluent people and distribute among the unprivileged persons of this region. Few of them have established full-fledged charitable hospitals where poor people get complete treatment of all kinds of diseases.

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